Official Toad Brigade Adventure Kit

Welcome, new recruit! You can never pack too much before going on an adventure, so print off this equipment, assemble it (with parental assistance, if necessary), and stick it in your backpack.



The Toad Brigade goes to some very dark places. It will give you peace of mind to have this non-functioning headlamp.


Membership card

Carry this card with you at all times to identify yourself as a member of the Toad Brigade. We will check.


Official badge

Wear the badge, and wear it proudly. Only the proud few make the cut. The ones who click "Download now."

Turnip targeting

Turnip targeting

Hone your turnip-targeting reflexes with this finger-flicking game that was developed by the finest Toad scientists.


Your briefing is complete, recruit!

Now click that button, download your kit, and then print it off on regulation paper. Toad Brigade command recommends using a color printer.

Download now

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