The Treasure is in the Details

Turn it, twist it, lift it, shift it—you can find treasure in the unlikeliest places! There are 70+ courses in the game, and each has its own special features. Manipulate the tiny stages using the Wii U™ GamePad to explore every nook and cranny!

A Mysterious Microcosm of Menace!

What's on the other side?

A Surprise Around Every Turn

Each course provides a unique set of challenges and fun: from a racetrack to a giant pinball machine. Keep reaching for the stars to move the adventure from challenge to challenge!

  • Razzle-Dazzle Slider

    It's fun to shoot the ball to the top and make it tumble back down. Especially when you're the ball.

  • No Sleep at Magikoopa Keep

    What's at the top of this spooky tower? We're putting our money on "treasure."

  • King of Pyropuff Peak

    Looks like the owner of this volcano is home, and he's pretty steamed.

  • Stumpy Springs Sanctuary

    You'll probably log some serious time figuring out this tricky tree trunk stage.

The real treasure in this adventure: the Wii U™ GamePad

Shoot turnips. Tap the GamePad to open up new paths of exploration. Blow on it to move objects. Tilt it to look around. It's so handy, we've heard that 9 out of 10 treasure hunters won’t go on an adventure without one!